Meet Shannon

Meet Shannon

Democrat Shannon Taylor is passionate about keeping our community safe and implementing reforms that move Henrico County forward, and don’t leave anyone behind.

She’s running for re-election because there’s more to do, and she’s always ready to keep working for us. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Sign-up to join our campaign and receive updates from Shannon!


  • Tuckahoe Town Hall tonight featuring Henrico Police. Those in attendance this evening heard from Community Officers Phillips and Mallory and Lieutenant Netherland. Constituents heard about the role the Community Officer plays differ than patrol, School Resource Officers and the Traffic Enforcement Team. Great questions asked. I believe everyone walked away knowing a little bit more about their County's Public Safety! Proud to be a partner in Public Safety for Henrico! #Your2019Commonwealth'sAttorney
  • Come on out!
  • This is how we do it Countywide! This morning, I had a wonderful breakfast meet and greet in the west end, then attended the Henrico Dems cookout thanking our east end volunteers at the IBEW 666, and then headed over to Oakley's Chase neighborhood having a community day! Henrico County is a big beautiful county with so much to offer. I ❤ public service! #Your2019Commonwealth'sAttorney!
  • The Commonwealth's Attorney is not just a prosecutor; she is a leader. She brings topics to her office staff to hear from people directly affected by the system we operate in. At our staff meeting Monday, John Trak from the McShin Foundation shared his journey with addiction and treatment and offered details to educate the attorneys as to the different options McShin offers. Thank you John and McShin!!!
  • I had the honor of being a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Legislative Work Group and working with Coalition Against Gun Violence and the Governor to craft bills to address numerous issues to include responsible gun ownership and emergency removal. While I am disappointed with our government process right now, I was SUPER proud to see Maddie King who is my Alpha Phi soror sister's daughter! Yay Tanna Mentz King!!! ❤❤
  • Stop the Gun Violence Rally happening now! Come show your support for common sense safety measures!!!
  • I hope everyone has been having a safe July 4th. While we are waiting to see what happens with Henrico County Fireworks at Dorey Park, I was able to stop by McShin this afternoon....Recovery in Action!
Remember America's Birthday rose from a group of men who believed that the best Government was one created by the People for the People. 🎆🇺🇸
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  • Scott Zebrowski may have lost his life to addiction, but his spirit and love will live on at a new McShin Recovery house next to McShin home base. Thank you to Scott's twin sister, Jill, who spearheaded a campaign not only to raise money for the house,  but also scholarship money for those who are in crisis when they need somewhere to go...a program to give them support.  WE NEED MORE RECOVERY RESOURCES! Thanks to Delegate John Bell who spoke of his personal tragedy losing his son to addiction before the sesssion. He has pledged to do more!!
  • Thank you Frances! I ❤❤❤ this picture of me and my Mom! Thank you Anne Holton for speaking at my event about education and our youth! We can do better! #2019BlueWave

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