HENRICO COUNTY – Big, Diverse, Politically Competitive

Henrico County is the 5th most populous county in Virginia with around 330,000 residents, 4 times that of the typical House of Delegates district. It is also one of the most diverse with a population approximately 57% white, 30% African American, 9% Asian, and 4% Hispanic (Weldon Cooper 2018 estimates).

Politically, the County has a substantial Democratic and Republican presence. The 5 member Board of Supervisors is Republican controlled, with 3 of the 5 seats held by the GOP. While most of the House Delegation has recently become Democratic, Henrico is represented by one Democrat and one Republican in the State Senate. In addition to Shannon, elected constitutional officers include a Republican Clerk of Court and a newly elected Democratic Sheriff.

When Shannon was elected in 2011, Henrico County was considered a Republican stronghold.